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We specialize in multi-dimensional Hospitality Task Force solutions. Our view is at 33,000 feet with a global outreach. Our five-prong approach consists of our meticulous process to Financial Acumen, Operational Excellence, Selecting and Retaining Talent, Leadership, and Community Involvement.


Operational Goals

We are the premier hospitality consulting company offering provisional Ultra Luxury Task Force management solutions. The hospitality industry averages an eighty-five percent turnover, and sometimes takes a minimum of fifteen to forty weeks to hire. We place hospitality executive teams, for one week, two weeks, one month, or one year, in a quick, cost-effective manner, typically within three days.

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Our Experience

DEPN Hospitality Consulting has increased revenue and created operational efficiencies for the hospitality industry in major markets.

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Temporary / Permanent Hospitality Assignments

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