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We specialize in multi-dimensional Hospitality management, & Training solutions. Our view is at 33,000 feet with a global outreach. Our five-prong approach consists of our meticulous process to Financial Acumen, Operational Excellence, Selecting and Retaining Talent, Leadership, Ownership, and Mistique. 


Operational Goals

We are the premier hospitality consulting company offering provisional Ultra-Luxury Management, & Training solutions. We have filled a niche in the private industry that has been overlooked. Many private staffing do not have the luxury of taking off work to attend a private service academy. Our approach gives many private household staff the expertise they need to be their every best. We train, Ultra-Luxury hospitality executive teams, such as Estate Managers, Executive Housekeepers, Facilities Managers, Butlers, including project managers for one week, two weeks, one month, in a quick, cost-effective manner.

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Our Experience

DEPN Hospitality Consulting has created operational efficiencies for the hospitality industry in major markets.

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Temporary Ultra- Luxury Hospitality Management, Training & Development Assignments.

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Major Partnerships

DEPN Hospitality Consulting has partnered with Private Service Alliance which offers membership to individuals and organizations related to the Private Service industry. Through their members, Private Service Alliance & DEPN Hospitality Consulting is able to network and build professional relationships, establish industry standards, grow industry knowledge, and provide training and development and promote best practices. DEPN will offer consulting services to Principal employers interested in assessing and elevating the state of their staff and how their homes are managed through training and development.. Memberships are available through Private service Alliance to those working as private service staff, domestic placement agencies, private service educators, luxury contractors and businesses that service HNW clients or support private service staff. Join Private Service Alliance at https://privateservicealliance.com/ Get access to Task Force Training and development through DEPN Hospitality Consulting.

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