6 Steps to DEPN Hospitality Training-

Step 1: Financial Acumen:
This is about being finance-centric. Being able to grasp financial information, while understanding the impact.

Step 2: Operational Excellence:
Demonstrates a passion for excellence, a love for service, and an innate grasp to plan, implement, evaluate, and continually improve operations.

Step 3: Selecting & Retaining the BEST talent:
The Ability to attract, retain, and develop talent by creating a positive and engaging work environment.

Step 4: Leadersdhip:
Commands a presence of respect, and humility, demonstrates the ability to motivate and readily communicate expectations and follows up relentlessly.

Step 5: Ownership:
Ownership relates to the relationships of trust and respect that must be developed within an estate, to ensure privacy, security, and harmony.

Step 6: Mystique :
"Mystique" refers to the “wow” factor that sets the property apart to include attention to detail.

“ Those who know, do. Those that understand teach” image